List of motifs gathered by PolarProtDb Team

Type Target to PubMed Proteins Sequence
Unknown Apical plasma membrane 22454528 MRP2_HUMAN:282:290 QSQDALVLE
Unknown Apical plasma membrane 12624087 AT2B2_HUMAN:304:334 VKKGDGLQLPAADGAAASNAADSANASLVNG
Unknown Apical plasma membrane 12486157 EAA3_HUMAN:501:511 KSYVNGGFAVD
Unknown Apical plasma membrane 14605095 GTR3_HUMAN:473:484 DRSGKDGVMEMN
PDZ-ligand Apical plasma membrane 22904329 NPT2B_HUMAN:685:690 TECTAL
PDZ-ligand Apical plasma membrane 16236806 S22AB_HUMAN:545:550 VESTSL
PDZ-ligand Apical plasma membrane 16896066 S22A5_MOUSE:552:557 LKSTAF
Dileucine-like Basolateral plasma membrane 15870063 ACM3_HUMAN:275:281 AETENFV
Dileucine-like Basolateral plasma membrane 10082580 FURIN_HUMAN:782:788 GERTAFI
Dileucine-like Basolateral plasma membrane 16274960 IL6RB_HUMAN:781:787 ESTQPLL

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