Evidence Levels

(classification of experimental methods)

Experimental procedures Experimental evidence type
Immunfluorescence (confocal microscopy)
Immunogold labeling (electron microscopy)
Antibody staining
Confocal microscopy of GFP-tagged proteins Fluorescent labeling
Isolation of of brush border and basal membranes
Side-specific release of membrane proteins with enzyme
Side-specific biotinylation of proteins followed by purification and/or western blots
Membrane preparation
Western blot of proteins in apical or basolateral media
Immunoprecipitation of secreted proteins in either media
Selective protein analysis
Protease, nuclease or other enzymatic assay in situ with chromogenic substrate
Uptake or transport assays of specific substrates
Functional assay
Mass-spectrometry of side-specifically labelled endogenous proteins Large-scale proteomics
Comparison of specifically designed, localization-defective mutants with WT proteinsSub-protein manipulation
Co-expression or co-purification experiments
Viral infection susceptibility assays
Other (specified in notes)

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