Upload your own data

If you are a fellow researcher or student involved in protein trafficking, tracking or localization studies, feel free to contribute. By creating an account, you shall be able to upload your own proteins with experimental evidence of polarity. If you are logged in to the database, select the Add experiments option in the Annotate drop-down list in the upper right corner of the page. To submit your data, click on the Add new experiment button and fill all the text boxes or choose the proper options from the lists in the pop-up window. Please, be careful to enter valid UniProt ID or AC as sequence identifier, otherwise your data would not be submitted for inspection. Until the acceptance, your last annotations will remain to be displayed with red background in the list of your experiments. By clicking on the corresponding one of the three buttons on the right, you can modify, or cancel your submission, or contact with the administrators. Researchers who annotate a great number of experiments in PolarProtDb will be invited to be co-authors of the publications of the subsequent updates.

Download the database for your own purposes

In case you wish to obtain detailed information about a particular protein family, or possibly even complete TM proteomes and secretomes, you can download or database, or any section of it using the Download menu.

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