PolarProtDb is

the most comprehensive database containing experimentally verified mammalian proteins that display polarized sorting or secretion, focusing at epithelial polarity. In addition to the source cells or tissues, homology-based inferences and transmembrane topology (if applicable) are all provided together.

PolarProtDb also includes

a detailed interface displaying information that may be relevant for trafficking, including post translational modifications (glycosylations, phosphorylations, etc), established conserved short linear motifs across orthologs and potential interaction partners (see Example page1, page2) .

PolarProtDb can be

downloaded either the whole database or various subset of the database in various format. The database can be searched by keywords or identifiers. Moreover, researchers can submit their own experimental data.

Use PolarProtPred

if you could not find your favorite protein here. PolarProtPred is available http://polarprotpred.ttk.hu.

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