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Species Homo sapiens
Localization Basolateral plasma membrane
Reference Touzelet O,Broadbent L,Armstrong SD,Aljabr W,Cloutman-Green E,Power UF,Hiscox JA (2020) The Secretome Profiling of a Pediatric Airway Epithelium Infected with hRSV Identified Aberrant Apical/Basolateral Trafficking and Novel Immune Modulating (CXCL6, CXCL16, CSF3) and Antiviral (CEACAM1) Proteins., Mol Cell Proteomics, 19, 793-807.
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Evidence level Large-scale proteomics
Organ Lung
Cell Airway epithel cells
Notes Only mock-transfected cells were considered
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Alignment and sequence features

Wheel: zoom in/out; drag: scroll left/right. Sequences and features are drawn in three lines. Bottom line: topology (red bar: cytoplasmic region; yellow bar: transmembrane region; transmembrane re-entrant loop; blue bar: extracellular region; black bar: signal peptide). Middle line: amino acid sequence (grey bar or one letter code). Top line: post translational modifications (Y: N-glycosylation site; Y: O-glycosylation site;P: phosphorylation site), intrinsically disordered regions (light green bar: IDR) and short linear motifs (light steel blue bar: ELM region).
CCTOP topology prediction
Start End Localisation
1 31 Signal peptide
32 693 Extracellular
694 716 Membrane
717 763 Cytoplasmic

Family and domain data

Database Domain/Family name
InterPro Amyloid_Cu-bd_sf
InterPro Amyloid_glyco
InterPro Amyloid_glyco_Cu-bd
InterPro Amyloid_glyco_E2_domain
InterPro Amyloid_glyco_extra
InterPro Amyloid_glyco_heparin-bd
InterPro Amyloid_glyco_heparin-bd_sf
InterPro Amyloid_glyco_intracell_CS
InterPro APP_amyloid_C
InterPro E2_sf
InterPro Kunitz_BPTI
InterPro Kunitz_BPTI_sf
InterPro PH-like_dom_sf
InterPro Prtase_inh_Kunz-CS
Pfam APP_amyloid
Pfam APP_Cu_bd
Pfam APP_E2
Pfam APP_N
Pfam Kunitz_BPTI


With (links to EBI) #Exp PubMed links
JUN_HUMAN 3 20936779 , 20195357
A4_HUMAN 2 16193067
ETS1_HUMAN 2 20195357
APLP2_HUMAN 3 16193067
APLP1_HUMAN 2 16193067
DEDD_HUMAN 3 20195357
ESR1_HUMAN 2 31527615
Protein can be found in apical membrane, Protein can be found in basal membrane, Protein can be found both membranes, Localisation is unknown.

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